Birthday Parties / Celebrations
We dont have a registration for these on our website, For scheduling, inquiry and description please send us and email to :
Group Lessons Unlimited Classes Packages 
 You will be able to take all group lessons ( 8 lessons or Unlimited depending on your lessons package choice ) through the month with a bigger discount than booking classes individually. Notice these are recurring automatic payments.
 Recurring payments NEED to be canceled before the 25th of the PREVIOUS month or the system will charge you.
 ( People signing up for our " Early Bird " Sign up promotion will be grandfathered in, and we will honour the discount every month same amount until recurring payment is canceled. " Early Brid " promotion will be LOST then )
Regular monthly Group lessons PRORATION 
 You are welcome to join the Group class packages even if the month already started.
 Some months have more Class Days than others, and our proration method considers that.
 The cost per class day is calculated separately for each month in the class session. It is determined by taking the fee for a given month and dividing it by the number of class days in that month.
Group Lessons: 
 Classes will be between 45 - 90 minutes (depending on the class), NO PARTNER NEEDED , if a class is canceled you will be reached through the email you used to register. Please remember to register to the class you want to attend
( " EARLY BIRD " sign up / promotion will close after March 31st )
 Our dance instructors offer Private Lessons one on one or a couple Classes!
 Please reach out via email with your availability ( give us a couple of options ) to schedule your set dance lessons and your chosen Instructor.